About Medical Path

Medical Path was founded with the purpose to offer high quality services to the scientific community by providing high quality products. Specializing in the supply of advanced medical devices, we contribute to improving the quality of daily life of patients by offering personalized treatments, tailor-made to their needs.

We are committed to be by the side of those in need of our products and services by utilizing the know-how and the specialization of our well-trained partners.

Our market leading position is partly a result of our exclusive collaboration with internationally recognized companies which have invested in research and development in order to produce high-tech products, successfully tested.

Medical Path's wide range of medical-technological products can be summarized in the following categories:

  • Nutritional products and food supplements for any special medical purpose
    (intestinal feeding, gastrostomy feeding, etc.).
  • Oral products for the care of any type of ostomy
    (colostomies, ileostomies, ureterostomies, nephrostomies)
  • Urine management products
    (intermittent, peripheral, permanent catheters)
  • Trauma management products for the care of all types of skin ulcers.

Our vision at Medical Path is to contribute
in-essence to the improvement of the daily
life of patients and therapists through
individualized and advanced technological treatments.

Medical Path

"By choosing our path, we choose our destination"

We stand with respect next to our fellow elderly citizens while we provide them all the available and convenient solutions to secure their physical health and their active social activities.

38th Athens Classic Marathon 42,195 meters.
Mr. Kostas, you are our role model. Born in 1946, 75 years old. Respect and Awe!

With the support of Medical Path and its Foods for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP)

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